Wheatgrass shots, Co-Op organic gardening, Soy and Tofu food stuffs. At one time these things were synonymous with the Hippies. Now they have all been adopted by the Hip crowd. That said, I never thought that Birkenstocks would have a trending moment. But they are and I love ’em! My aesthetic is classic and casual and these sandals are all that. The solid white, black patent, silver and gold ones are right up my alley.

What do you think?

~Ms. Zee~




Free People shoes

Birkenstock black sandals
$66 –



Opinions Aplenty


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My mother used to say, “Opinions are like assholes. Everybody’s got one.” Or was it “Excuses are like assholes. Everybody’s got one.”? I think it was the latter. Anyway, for the sake of this post I’m going to pretend she said the first one.  My Mom was right. This girl’s got opinions aplenty! Here are a few of mine.

Today, while in full stream of consciousness mode, I decided to jot down a few of my random thoughts and opinions:

  1.  When did it become embarrassing to wear undergarments? It’s my opinion that this obsession with invisible pantylines has gone well past ridiculous. I know they’re called “unmentionables” but this has gone way beyond.
  2.  What’s the deal with grown woman looking prepubescent from the navel down? When did having hair equal being “dirty” (as our waxed sisters are often referred to as being “clean”)? As long as you hit the shower every morning, employ a washcloth, some good soap, then your nether regions will be so fresh and so clean clean.
  3.  When did protruding hipbones and spinal columns become more desirous than rocking lush curves and possessing the soft fullness of a young-looking face?  There’s a saying that goes to the tune of, “you’ve got to choose between your ass and your face.” Well, trust that I’d rather have a little juicy booty and a young full face than have a svlete ass and a wrung-out looking face.

I think things have gotten way too extreme. Women are ostracized if their outer-garments hint to the presence of undergarments. If thongs aren’t your thing, should you have to wear them? And if you prefer a good trim, should you be forced to fully depilatory your nether regions? And by no means am I saying that we shouldn’t be trying to maintain a healthy BMI (Body Mass Index), but a little baby fat/Retinol combo can help keep the wrinkles away.

Hey. That was fun. I think I’ll do more of these stream of consciousness posts.

What do you think?

~Ms. Zee~

Introvert Experience

I’m an Introvert. I’d rather spend my weekends curled up with a good book (or watching Misfits on Hulu) than being out rubbing elbows with the young and beautiful in some Manhattan lounge. I’ve always been that this way. When I was a child, I preferred to stay inside, play with my dolls, dress my cat in my Cabbage Patch doll clothes, read books and watch my shows. (Side note: Remember when “The Price is Right” was bomb? I really loved that Bob Barker!) While much time has passed and Bob Barker no longer hosts “The Price is Right”, I am still a homebody and very much an introvert. (Side note: In what universe is Drew Carey a good choice to replace Bob Barker? They should have gotten Wayne Brady to host the show. He’s funny, charismatic, handsome and has a singing voice to die for. Now he has the Barker essence.)

I enjoy hanging solo and mostly that means I’m chilling at home. However, sometimes I’ll go out with a good friend to catch a movie or see an exhibit at a museum or gallery. Our society is very extrovert oriented and tends to put pressure on introverts to conform and somehow morph into their chattier, hob knobbing counterparts.  This would be totally unrealistic for us. We’d no more be able to maintain this lifestyle than we’d be able to hold our breath indefinitely.

Linked to image source

Linked to image source

For my fellow introverts, don’t listen when someone tells you (as once was said to me) that they think you should get out and mingle more because they think that you’re wasting your youth. You can acknowledge their concern but realize that this concern is misplaced. Remember that the urge to Party! is an extrovert’s fun and happiness construct.   After five days of assisting demanding customers and small talking co-workers, the last thing that I want to do is “make the most of my youth” by shutting down the club every weekend and teetering home on stilettos. That’s not for me.  And like Sweet Brown says, “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”

I think there’s some confusion about the introvert experience. We aren’t lonely, alienated or missing out. When I’m at home on a Friday night, I’m recharging from a demanding work week. I might be chatting with a friend on the phone or polishing my nails or even doing one of my favorite things, online window-shopping.  No matter the activity, trust that I’m having a blast.

~Ms. Zee~

Songbird: Corinne Bailey Rae

When she first came on the scene she was complete girl next door sweetness. I thought she was adorable and I instantly flipped over her music and her fashion.  This is Corinne Bailey Rae and if you didn’t already know who she is, please consider this your introduction.



This British beauty is an amazing talent and one of my favorite singers. Her unique and melodic sound made her an international music star.  When her self-titled first album premiered in 2006, I was an instant fan. From that album there were many hits, but for me there was one standout, “Breathless.”  To this day, whenever I hear “Breathless,” I feel hopeful and… just plain old happy.  That song is everything!  It speaks of an honest and vulnerable love that I hope to find someday.

The other day while searching around on YouTube and I came across one of her latest songs, “Paris Nights/New York Mornings.” Can you say fabulous?! This song is upbeat, cheery and completely catchy in a good way. Like “Breathless,” it captures the optimism and excitement of burgeoning love and romance (with an element of vulnerability folded in for good measure).  The girl has done it again.

As the video played, I found myself being drawn in not only by those pipes but also by her look. I’ve always admired her fashion sense but I couldn’t help but to notice her evolution – the girl was sexy! In 2006 her look was innocent and über girly but over the years, her aesthetic has become a bit more edgy, while still maintaining her original girly flair. The dress and jacket combo in this video is perfection. It’s a little sexy and a little covered up. This look is so me.  And that hair… that mane is enviable! Check out the above link to this video. I’d love to hear what you think. 


Corinne serving up old glamour realness




You know how I love a great jumper

Just thinking… in 2013

You know what it’s like when you run into an old friend that you’ve lost touch with? In that instant, your connection reignites and all of those good memories start to bubble up. You remember what it was that drew you to this person and you wonder why and how you ever lost touch to begin with. That’s what it feels like for me right now as I type this post.

Photo source unknown

What happened? Why did I leave my writing? Why did I stop posting? I think it was because, while I adore beauty and fashion, I don’t always feel like a true authority on the subject. Afterall,  I am the girl who was bullied mercilessly in high school for 2 straight years, all because the other students didn’t appreciate my admittedly off-kilter brand of chic. It was difficult but I didn’t stray from my expression (those girls had terribly pedestrian fashion sense) and I continued to rock my biker boots (among other accessories) with my catholic school uniform. 

Although I’m more than a decade out of high school, the effects still linger. While I still enjoy beauty and fashion, I think I stepped away from my blog because I wasn’t producing content that was on par with what you see on so many of the really popular beauty and fashion blogs. I mean, have you seen the fabulousness that is Or the California easy breeziness of And is for me, the essence of beauty.

As I revisit my blog in 2013, I realize that I’d like to take Tres Lovely in a different direction… a more thoughtful direction. I’ve recently found and fallen in love with several introspective blogs. My favorite right now is I enjoy this blog because I see myself in so much of what the author writes. She talks about her life and love, her dreams and fears and what truly inspires her. She expresses herself with ease and I’ve come to admire her optimistic world view. She’s made me realize that I want to write more “Just Thinking” posts for Tres Lovely. So, I’ve decided to give it a shot.

Give me more, more, more

Are you length lusting? 🙂

Give me more shine? Nope. Well… sure. Shine is great but that’s not it. Give me more fullness? Nope. Well.. sure. A thick head of hair is great but that’s not quite it. Give me more length? Yes. Now that’s what I’m talking about!

Does that conversation seem familiar to you? Well it does for me because I’m seeing it everywhere on blogs and forums and vlogs. Length-retention is the new black and everyone wants it and has many, many theories about how to get it.

While I don’t have any real length goals (for me it is all about the health and fullness of my kinky coils), for a lot (and I do mean A LOT) of naturals it is all about the “bra-strap length” and BEYOND. I just couldn’t handle that much hair, so bless you girls who have it  ‘cuz I don’t know how the heck you do it.  The wash and detangle sessions would be hellacious for me. My jaw grazing strands are challenge enough for me now on wash day.

But enough about me, back to the retention talk: I thought it would be interesting if I visited one of my favorite blogs and did a simple word search to see how many good techniques for length-retention pinged. (By the way, I linked the results of my search.)


1).Retention Advice from:

 Renee Syler, of Good Enough Mother


“I attribute my length retention to my strict no heat policy, co-washing (instead of shampooing), protecting it at night, and using natural oils like Coconut and Meadowfoam.”


2). Retention Advice from:

CurlyNikki subscriber, SheeTacular


“Now that I have decent length I have found that twisting for a twist out is easier. I can do fewer twists. I also can was[h] in twists and braids with less unraveling when rinsing.”


3). Retention Advice:

CurlyNikki, herself


“1. Moisturize!- On an as needed basis (for most, every 2-4 days), apply water, the ultimate moisturizer to your ends in order to open the cuticle. Follow up with a water based leave-in, conditioner, or moisturizer you don’t need much, just be sure to evenly distribute.

2.Seal!- Next, apply a thin layer of a natural oil or butter, such as Shea Butter or Castor, Olive, or Coconut Oil. This will seal in the moisture from the water and moisturizer.

3.Hide!- Some folks, no matter how often they complete the first two steps, still experience dry crunchy ends. Protecting the ends in styles such as buns and pin-ups, may prevent them from drying out, and help you to retain length. I’m not a protective style girl, but I notice that allowing my hair to dry in a stretched style (twists, braids, rollers) really helps it to maintain moisture. Not sure of the science behind it, but hey, if it works, it works!

4. Deep Treatments!- If you really want to see some length retention, engage in a hard core Deep Conditioning routine. My hair was at its healthiest in 2008. I applied a deep conditioning treatment (with heat) at every styling session- 2 or 3 times a week. My ends were rarely dry, and they almost never split. Favs right now are Curl Junkie Rehab, Jessicurl Weekly Deep Treatment, and MyHoneyChild’s Olive You. All of these are incredibly moisturizing and extra slippery! I often use the Curl Junkie to complete step 1 above as well.”


These are all some pretty excellent tips, not just for length retention but for general hair health. Is growing long hair a goal of yours? Do you have any special routine to help retain length?

Try a Turban

I’ve begun to notice something new donning the heads of some of the most fabulously fashionable women around.


 These girls are rocking turbans with major chicness.

Think 1930’s old Hollywood glamour… think Joan Crawford.

The lovely Joan Crawford

When Joan rocked a turban it was power and sophistication personified. 


What was old has become fresh and new again. Modern girls are embracing this look and have even injected a bit of 2011 into it.

Celebrity stylist and trendsetter, June Ambrose Turbans like no other. She transforms colorful fabric into intricate fluffs and folds of face framing beauty.

The lovely June Ambrose


June molding a turban wrap on R&B singer Chrisette Michelle



R&B singer and style darling, Solange Knowles is no stranger to a Turban wrap. She has been spotted rocking the look at many events. 

The lovely Solange Knowles in a turban


I am so loving the hip length box braids!


French singer/songwriter, Inna Modja also sports the look. I love this picture of her. Her skin looks sheeny, her hair is perfect, but most of all I love her Turban. It shows the versatility of this style. If you don’t think you would like your entire head wrapped up, then you don’t have to. Her version combines the feel of a head band with the flair of a turban.

The lovely Inna Modja