Hello world!


Welcome to Tres Lovely.

This blog is for anyone who has the grace and courage to embrace the beauty of their natural hair. This site is for anyone who is still teetering on cusp of making their transition into becoming a lovely naturalista. This site is for all those amazing curlygirlies who are boldly rocking their kinks, coils, curls and waves.

I have been a naturalista since 1998. I however, haven’t always had my now beloved kinky-coily ‘fro. When I started my natural hair journey, Lauryn Hill was the hottest chick singing and she was absolutely my style icon. So when I transitioned from relaxed to natural, I made a bee-line for locs.

I wore my locs for many years and I loved every minute of it. Then during the summer of 2003 I decided that my shoulder length locs had grown too long and that I missed having the flexibility of loose hair. After going years with locs and seeing other women rocking the hottest braids, wild ‘fros and sleek straightened styles, I wanted a change. So in came the scissors and gone went my Hill inspired lengths.

Once my locs were gone and my ‘fro began to grow out, I quickly realized how much I love this wild kinky-coily mane of mine. As my hair grew out more and more, I have varied my look with braids, twists and the occasional blowout at a Dominican salon. But after a short while, I miss my big hair.  And like a lover gone away on a long absence, I eagerly welcome its return.  😮

Tres Lovely is a blog dedicated to the expression of uniqueness and splendor. Tres Lovely is for me a sort of virtual corkboard for fresh ideas in beauty and style.

So… this is my story. I look forward to hearing yours.

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