February is Black History Month

Say it loud! I’m Black and I’m Proud!

During this month, images of violence, sadness, defiance, triumph and pride can be seen on many a billboard, magazine advertisement, television commercial and TV bio-pic. These are some of the ways Black History is typically acknowledged at this time of year. With all these snapshots of the injustice fighting curlies of yesteryear floating about, it brings to mind a question… Are we the modern day embodiment of those kinky-maned warriors?

It has been my experience as a naturalista that I have had to explain my point of view to the world. Some people just don’t get it At All! I have had to contend with many, sometimes seriously far off notions, all because of my strands. I have had people ask me if I was a devout Christian, a strict vegetarian or (Dare I say it?) a ‘white folk hating’ militant. Those are just a few of the kooky questions folks ask me simply because of my natural P.O.V. And for the record, I am NOT a white people hater. Lol! 😮

As for the sociopolitical question posed above, all I can say is what brought each of us curlygirlies to embark on our natural journeys is unique. The answer to that question is for each girl to decide. For me however, there is at least one clear connection between those 60’s/70’s Afro wearing freedom fighters and myself. And that is a plain as the coils springing about my head.

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