Hair Esteem. How’s Yours?


“You need to slap perm in there!”

If you are a naturalista, at some point you may have heard this phrase or some variation of it. That one unfortunately is the version that has been hurled at me from time to time. I must confess that whenever I hear that exclamation it hurts my self-esteem a little. I become hyperconscious of my mass of kinks and I wonder if  they/I just look plain old tore up? I wonder if instead of seeing a lovely mane of healthy kinky coils, that all anyone else sees is an offensive and unkempt nappy mess. Logically I know that to some, my hair style is offensive. They will never understand why in this day and age, with all the options available to coax your kinks into a more ‘manageable’ (i.e., silky straight) texture, would anyone choose to flaunt her God-given texture. For every reason/example/explanation that any naturalista could possibly conjure up to make clear to the nay’ Sayers, your personal motivation for this choice probably wouldn’t ring true to them/won’t seem good enough/or will just be shot down. So, whenever I am challenged by that statement I try to dismiss it.  However, the sticks and stones manuever can only help you but so many times. So whenever I have my little hair esteem crisis’s I find comfort in the sense of community I find in the natural hairosphere online. Realizing that I am just one of the many curly girls out in the world gives me the audacity that I need to continue to Rock My Kinky Coils.

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