Wash a’ Go Go

There is a look that I have been dying to test out, though I’ve been too chicken to try. Wash and Go’s. The concept is so perfect: Cleanse your hair and go. I mean, can it get any easier than that? However, as you all know, us naturalista’s have unique concerns when it comes to caring for our curls. Something as simple as washing our hair can sometimes be quite a process.

Yet, like many of you, I too peruse Youtube for hair tips and inspiration. And like they say: Seek and Ye shall find! Ladies, I hit the mother load. I must have watched over 20 tutorials and of those one really grabbed me and made me feel confident enough to give wash and go’s  a shot. Imani made a wonderful tutorial (check out her Youtube channel: oooop’s95) that shows us steps A-Z to get beautiful wash and go results.


Hair freshly washed, Hair Rules Kinky Curling Cream applied and still wet.

These are my results:



After waiting over 2 hours, my hair was still wet so I diffused it. 

These are my results:


What do you think?

Overall I like the results but I want to experiment with other products to further enhance my curl pattern.

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