The reality of “What You Want”

I don’t know how you feel about reality tv but I enjoy it (correction: some of it). My reality preferences veer more towards programs like, “RuPaul’s Drag Race” and “Kimora: Life in the Fab lane,” than “Jersey Shore” and “The Bachelor.” My reality pick of the moment is “What Chilli Wants.” For all of you who aren’t familiar with this show, Chilli (of TLC fame) is scouring the country for a hubby. She is on the hunt for a man– but not just any old man! She is on the look out for an exceptional man who will LITERALLY meet her long list of must-have’s for the makings of her ideal mate.

Now that I’ve familiarized you all with the premise of the show, let’s get down to  business… Season Two of “What Chilli Wants,” shows our girl branching out a whole lot more into the world of interracial relationships. Personally, I have no problem with this. For me,  dating is like perusing the United Nations, when it comes to choosing a perspective beau. If I’m truly honest with myself, I might even confess that I prefer to date multiculturally. So, the idea of Chilli pursuing an interracial relationship is not even a small deal.

However, after watching a recent episode, matchmaker Tionna, remarked that Chilli’s dating card has been veryyy low on Black  men as of late. I’m sure you can imagine that much side-eye was dished (by both ladies & me at my tv screen) after Tionna made that statement. To that remark, Chilli replied (and I am definitely paraphrasing) that Black men don’t box themselves off from finding true love in partners that are outside of their race (to which even Tionna emphatically agreed), so why is it that black women are vilified for doing the same.

I love Chilli’s dating philosophy. Why stick with a small pond when you can explore the ocean? When it comes to dating, we have the freedom to be courted by anyone that we find, attractive, intellectually stimulating, respectful and whatever must-have’s rank high on your list of what you find ideal in a mate. Just remember, you don’t need anyone’s permission to love whomever you love, regardless of their skin color or cultural background.

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