Clip Ons?

Yes. Clip On earrings are back or so I am told by Do you know how some girls are shoe girls? They salivate at the mere mention of a  finely crafted Sam Edelman or Louboutin? I do enjoy a good shoe but for me, it’s earrings that set me all Pavlovian. I am all about those little (or big) face framers! Some dangle and dance (and some don’t), but they all accentuate the face and a few other delicate and sensual part on a woman– her ears and throat. Well, as you can see, I just love love adore earrings and could go on about them. Lol!


I know what you're thinking. Did she really take a pic of her ear?


I snagged this pair from Forever 21. The style for me was classic but not old-fashioned. My only worry about them is that they might squeeze the Bejesus out of my poor little ears, as clip ons have the reputation of doing. When I first put them on I thought, “Ok. These are excellent. No death squeeze action.” I headed out to work and at about 3 hours into my day, I had to take them off or lose the lower portion of my ears to their vise grip. 😦  

Despite the pain, I still like them. Maybe I’ll figure out a way lessen their grab or convert them into stud-backs. 




5 second Updo.

Oh… and the hair is a week old two-strand twistout, swept into a quick updo.

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