Saturday in the City

Yesterday, I had a night out in the city with Ruthie. This was a long overdue, greatly enjoyed evening for us. We live in the same city but very rarely get together. 😦 So as you can imagine, we were both syked to hang out.


Mercer St -- SoHo


We went to dinner at, Pongal, this cute little vegetarian Indian restaurant and then did a little window shopping in SoHo. The food there is so amazing and flavorful that you don’t even miss the meat. Seriously!  The food was DELISH!!!

Here are our appetizers:



Ruthie @ Pongal


With our main courses we had an order of Poori, which is a fried bread dish:




Bring on the entrees: Ruthie had the Gobi Masala and I had the Alu Baingan.

Gobi Masala


Alu Baingan

 Sorry guys. As you can see, we had begun to dig in before I remembered to snap a pic. We were ravenous. Lol.

I didn’t take any pics of me at the restaurant but I wanted to show you my hair for the day. I think it was really cute. I had finally separated and fluffed my Bantu Knot out. Loving the curly ‘fro look.

The curls were pumping!

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