She’s Got the Look

Flawless! Isn’t she Fly?   That is Julia Sarr-Jamios. The girl is absolutely gorgeous. Her fashion is even more gorgeous.  But her hair is the most freaking gorgeous thing ever! She inspires me to lay off the braid/twistouts and just let my hair do what it wants to do. Her untamed coils are happy, free […]

Welcome to the World

Talk about long time no see! I know. But there has been a new addition to the family. My little sis and her hubby are now the proud parents of a sweet baby girl –my new niece Kialee. Once your sibling has become someone’s wife/husband and someone else’s mother/father, can you still call them your “Little” anything […]

Wash a’ Go Go Part Deux

The last time that I tried to do the “Wash & Go” look it didn’t quite work. Like my curls after that little home demo, the style was a major flop. Your girl looked a HOT MESS! Ever since that experiment, I’ve been searching for another technique that would give me that easy, carefree result that […]

Princess Maddie

Guess who turned the big “1” on Sunday?  My little Maddie did. My niece celebrated her first year of life in grand style too! Lol. Her party was amazing; complete with crowns, tiaras, bejeweled fairy wands, a court jester, goodies, games  and more. Everyone had a blast, child and adult alike. I can’t wait until the next year’s […]

I’m all Maxed out

 The maxi skirt. It’s one of 2011’s spring fashion trends that I am definitely feeling! This is even one that can take us from the chill of winter, right on into the  heat and swelter of August in New York. Once it gets hot out, just lose the leather and rock a fitted tee (and for you lovelies that catch a chill in the summer […]