Wash a’ Go Go Part Deux

The last time that I tried to do the “Wash & Go” look it didn’t quite work. Like my curls after that little home demo, the style was a major flop. Your girl looked a HOT MESS! Ever since that experiment, I’ve been searching for another technique that would give me that easy, carefree result that I see on just about every curly girl.

 Once again, I found a spectacular tutorial on YouTube, made by Splinta24.  She has a technique that she calls an Overnight Wash & Go. In her routine, she uses the banding method to stretch the hair. I have a crescent moon shaped section in the back of my head that shrinks with the fierceness! Now, that little section of hair could use a bit of  shrinkage prevention. So, I was beyond excited to give it a shot and to my delight, I absolutely loved loved adored the results.



What do you think?



The products that I used were:  Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie.  On my scalp &  to seal my ends I used Coconut Oil.



Note:  The title of the actual video is: How I band my hair.

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