Running Scared

Fraidy Cat



Simple word isn’t it?

Just two syllables. Fa-shion.

Easy, right?

However for me, fashion isn’t simple. It’s big and often intimidating. It’s luxe brands and mingling with frugal fashion gems. It’s having the eye to sort through the pit of trend store (think Forever 21) and thrift store (think the prettied up term “vintage”) clutter and turn up with something special. Fashion can be veryyy intimidating. Everyone expects you to possess it, because without it you could find yourself black-barred on Glamour Mag’s dreaded and hilarious “Glamour Don’t” page.

But since starting my blog, I have realized that it doesn’t have to be so scary to me. When I am reading my mag’s and fav blogs, I’ve begun to take note of the things that make me happy. I noticed that the styles that speak to me are casual with lots of tunics, denim (boyfriend/skinny jeans), maxi dresses, cardi’s, blazers, belts and long colorful scarves. I suppose my style is modern boho –very Lauren Conrad (I love her line for Kohl’s by the way). Go figure, a New Yorker with Cali-girl sensibilities. 🙂

Fashion shouldn’t feel oppressive. Just go with what speaks to you (with a little guidance from the experts). Look for the love at first sight sensation, real “Ahh Haa” moments. But don’t feel the need to follow every trend. That is a sure-fire way to find yourself on that Glamour Don’t page. Your style sense should be organic to you. It should be easy. Think about it this way and you won’t get lost in the brand names, the trends or in an impulse to keep up with the Ms. Joneses.

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