Just thinking… in 2013

You know what it’s like when you run into an old friend that you’ve lost touch with? In that instant, your connection reignites and all of those good memories start to bubble up. You remember what it was that drew you to this person and you wonder why and how you ever lost touch to begin with. That’s what it feels like for me right now as I type this post.

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What happened? Why did I leave my writing? Why did I stop posting? I think it was because, while I adore beauty and fashion, I don’t always feel like a true authority on the subject. Afterall,  I am the girl who was bullied mercilessly in high school for 2 straight years, all because the other students didn’t appreciate my admittedly off-kilter brand of chic. It was difficult but I didn’t stray from my expression (those girls had terribly pedestrian fashion sense) and I continued to rock my biker boots (among other accessories) with my catholic school uniform. 

Although I’m more than a decade out of high school, the effects still linger. While I still enjoy beauty and fashion, I think I stepped away from my blog because I wasn’t producing content that was on par with what you see on so many of the really popular beauty and fashion blogs. I mean, have you seen the fabulousness that is emijaajaaemil.com? Or the California easy breeziness of lateafternoonblog.com? And xoxo-brosia.blogspot.com is for me, the essence of beauty.

As I revisit my blog in 2013, I realize that I’d like to take Tres Lovely in a different direction… a more thoughtful direction. I’ve recently found and fallen in love with several introspective blogs. My favorite right now is allthemanylayers.com. I enjoy this blog because I see myself in so much of what the author writes. She talks about her life and love, her dreams and fears and what truly inspires her. She expresses herself with ease and I’ve come to admire her optimistic world view. She’s made me realize that I want to write more “Just Thinking” posts for Tres Lovely. So, I’ve decided to give it a shot.

2 thoughts on “Just thinking… in 2013

  1. I am HAPPY your back!
    not to blow up your spot but you are way more than a decade out of high school.
    Keep writing – I love reading.

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