Songbird: Corinne Bailey Rae

When she first came on the scene she was complete girl next door sweetness. I thought she was adorable and I instantly flipped over her music and her fashion.  This is Corinne Bailey Rae and if you didn’t already know who she is, please consider this your introduction.



This British beauty is an amazing talent and one of my favorite singers. Her unique and melodic sound made her an international music star.  When her self-titled first album premiered in 2006, I was an instant fan. From that album there were many hits, but for me there was one standout, “Breathless.”  To this day, whenever I hear “Breathless,” I feel hopeful and… just plain old happy.  That song is everything!  It speaks of an honest and vulnerable love that I hope to find someday.

The other day while searching around on YouTube and I came across one of her latest songs, “Paris Nights/New York Mornings.” Can you say fabulous?! This song is upbeat, cheery and completely catchy in a good way. Like “Breathless,” it captures the optimism and excitement of burgeoning love and romance (with an element of vulnerability folded in for good measure).  The girl has done it again.

As the video played, I found myself being drawn in not only by those pipes but also by her look. I’ve always admired her fashion sense but I couldn’t help but to notice her evolution – the girl was sexy! In 2006 her look was innocent and über girly but over the years, her aesthetic has become a bit more edgy, while still maintaining her original girly flair. The dress and jacket combo in this video is perfection. It’s a little sexy and a little covered up. This look is so me.  And that hair… that mane is enviable! Check out the above link to this video. I’d love to hear what you think. 


Corinne serving up old glamour realness




You know how I love a great jumper

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