Introvert Experience

I’m an Introvert. I’d rather spend my weekends curled up with a good book (or watching Misfits on Hulu) than being out rubbing elbows with the young and beautiful in some Manhattan lounge. I’ve always been that this way. When I was a child, I preferred to stay inside, play with my dolls, dress my cat in my Cabbage Patch doll clothes, read books and watch my shows. (Side note: Remember when “The Price is Right” was bomb? I really loved that Bob Barker!) While much time has passed and Bob Barker no longer hosts “The Price is Right”, I am still a homebody and very much an introvert. (Side note: In what universe is Drew Carey a good choice to replace Bob Barker? They should have gotten Wayne Brady to host the show. He’s funny, charismatic, handsome and has a singing voice to die for. Now he has the Barker essence.)

I enjoy hanging solo and mostly that means I’m chilling at home. However, sometimes I’ll go out with a good friend to catch a movie or see an exhibit at a museum or gallery. Our society is very extrovert oriented and tends to put pressure on introverts to conform and somehow morph into their chattier, hob knobbing counterparts.  This would be totally unrealistic for us. We’d no more be able to maintain this lifestyle than we’d be able to hold our breath indefinitely.

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For my fellow introverts, don’t listen when someone tells you (as once was said to me) that they think you should get out and mingle more because they think that you’re wasting your youth. You can acknowledge their concern but realize that this concern is misplaced. Remember that the urge to Party! is an extrovert’s fun and happiness construct.   After five days of assisting demanding customers and small talking co-workers, the last thing that I want to do is “make the most of my youth” by shutting down the club every weekend and teetering home on stilettos. That’s not for me.  And like Sweet Brown says, “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”

I think there’s some confusion about the introvert experience. We aren’t lonely, alienated or missing out. When I’m at home on a Friday night, I’m recharging from a demanding work week. I might be chatting with a friend on the phone or polishing my nails or even doing one of my favorite things, online window-shopping.  No matter the activity, trust that I’m having a blast.

~Ms. Zee~

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